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General Product Engineering Services

Consulting, Development and Testing

Our Automotive Cybersecurity approach is focused on securing the Vehicle on two fronts. First, Secure the in-vehicle brain and nervous system (ECU level Authentication & Authorization and inter-ECU secure communication)  and

second, security against external attack surfaces (Brought in devices, Cloud etc.,) throughout the product life cycle.

Our service offerings include:

  • System engineering and Architecture development based on SysML principles to capture functional requirements and create bi-directional traceability as per ASPICE 

  • Consulting, Development and implementation across different layers of Product development from Application to BSPs

  • Conduct TARA to examine potential security threats based on STRIDE  modeling. 

  • Selection and Development of various cryptographic algorithms (encryption, hashing etc) based on NIST recommendations.

  • Software development based on years of practical and proven coding guidelines to assure a secure product.

  • Multiple levels of cybersecurity implementation to secure entire pipeline from within the vehicle to cloud.

  • Bench marking and analyzing the performance; CPU and Network throughput, Memory management etc.,

  • Intelligence gathering, Vulnerability analysis and exploitation to develop robust and comprehensive test suites

  • Risk driven Security Testing

    • Penetration testing through a multi-stage iterative process integrated into software development

    • Functional Security tests

    • Fuzzying tests

    • Vulnerability Scans

    • Side channel attacks

    • Code Audits to unearth programming errors or security gaps

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