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BMS Features Library

Our Solution

Production ready Battery Management System Software feature set consisting of over 30 features from Estimation, Control, Monitoring and Diagnostics and associated requirement and design documentation

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Accelerate your product development and market roll-out by adopting leveraging Proven, Ready to use, Customizable IPs that gives you complete control and visibility into software. 


Intelligent Auxiliary Power & Control System


Today, the accessories make up for considerable share of entire electric vehicle system cost. While the energy and propulsion systems are relatively well integrated as individual components, accessories continue to remain distributed, highly under optimized, bulky and take up lot of space.


High Voltage Accessory Subsystem Design which integrates an array of existing Power Electronics, DC-DC converter, brake & steering pumps/compressors, and thermal management components powered by our own proprietary vehicle control software & electronics. Our design is one harmonized unit that sits in engine compartment of an EV. 

Why it matters to you

Develop a holistic and harmonized auxiliary Power control unit from Software, Hardware, electrical and mechanical standpoint to simultaneously reduce significant cost, weight and volume compared to existing designs by leveraging Intelidrive's Product design based off of working solution that is currently running in vehicles. 


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