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ADAS/AV Solutions

Production grade Assets so you can launch your product in confidence


ADAS Feature Sets

Why this matters to you

ADAS core features being launched into market by multiple industry players are essentially meant to accomplish similar functionality from safety and comfort standpoint, The major variations can be attributed to system level integration and KPI decisions.


The solution from Intelidrive abstracts above mentioned variations to provide a modular and scalable "library" of ADAS core features from warning, longitudinal and lateral controls that can be quickly customized for system level interfaces and KPI alignment and can be deployed on vehicles with relative ease in an accelerated way. 


ADAS Safety Work Products Library


Safety case development breaks down into deriving set of work products to provide the argument that the product is functionally safe. There is a significant scope for reuse of the contents in an ADAS safety work product across various vehicle programs. 


Library of Work products from concept level to safety case development per the safety standards (like ISO26262 and ISO21448) based on many years of experience that provides templates as well as production level contents on the analysis and documentation that can be further worked on by customers to fit into the needs of their specific program


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